Bitcoin Investors Wont Sell Until Price Nears $200k

Bitcoin Investors Wont Sell Until Price Nears $200k

New survey data shows Bitcoin investors have no plans of selling until the price nears $200,000.

LendEDU asked 564 Americans who have invested in Bitcoin, what price they would consider selling some of their Bitcoin for US dollars. On average, respondents reported that they would be willing to sell their Bitcoin investment at $196,165 per Bitcoin. As of writing this Bitcoin is going for $7,632 so that's around a 2470.3% increase! That is a slap in the face to anyone saying that the Bitcoin price is to high at its current value. It looks like John Mcafee wont have to follow through on his promise after all.

They also asked if the poll takers will report the gains on their tax returns. The results may surprise you... Or not. Only 32.62% of respondents answered Yes, and 67.38% of respondents answered No! It looks like the tax man wont be getting his greasy fingers all over the crypto space as expected.

Full survey results

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